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 We Are Ramati Inc. 

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Roof Installation, Roof Repair, and Roof Replacements for Asphalt Shingles, Metal Roofs, Clay Roofs, Etc.


AC Repairs, AC Replacements, AC Installation, Heater Repairs, Heater Replacements, Heater Installation, Vent Cleaning, Vent Repair, Etc.


Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Construction Inspections, Mold Inspections, Foundation Inspections, Roof Inspections, Etc.


Deck Building, Deck Replacements, Deck Repair,
Deck Design and Architecture, Deck Inspections, Deck Maintenance, Etc. 


Landscape Designing, Landscape Construction, Landscape Maintenance, Residential Landscaping, Commercial Landscaping, Etc

Garage Doors

Repairs, Replacements, Installations, Garage Door Openers, Roll Up Doors, Springs, Panels, Commercial Garage Door Services, Etc.

Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Mold Removal and Remediation, Storm Damage Restoration


Fuses, Backup Generators, Lighting, AFCI & GFCI, Communication Lines, Outlets, Surge Protectors, Residential, Commercial, Etc.


Solar Panel Installation, Solar Panel Repair, Commercial Solar Panel Services, Parking Lot Solar Panels, Residential Solar Panels, Etc.

Home Automation

Home Theaters, Outdoor Technology Setup, Internet Systems, Security Setup, Structured Cabling, Etc.


Kitchen, Bathroom, Backyard, Commercial Renovation, Room Additions, ADU's, Designing Etc.

General Contracting

A-Z Residential and Commercial Construction

Pools and Spas

Pool Building, Pool Demolition, Pool Replacement, Pool Installation, Pool Repair, Pool Service, Etc.


Floor Repair, Floor Replacement, Floor Installation, Floor Painting, and Floor Sealing for Wooden Floors, Metal Floors, Carpets, Tiles, Pavers, Etc.

Demolition & Excavation

Residential Demolition, Commercial Demolition, Excavation, Grading, Site Preparation,
Building Demolition, Etc.


Toilets, Drain Cleaning, Hydro Jetting, Rooter Services, Repiping, Water Heaters, Emergency Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing


Pouring, Cutting, Driveways, Installation, Sidewalks, Pathways, Patios, Block Walls, Removal, Asphalt, Steps and Stairs, Etc.

Pressure Washing

Residential, Commercial, Power Clean, Driveways, Parking Lots, Buildings, Roofs, Sidewalks, Commercial Plazas, Solar Panels, Etc.


Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Residential Painting, Commercial Painting, Driveway Painting, Roof Painting, Etc.


Pavers, Patio Designing, Grills, Walls, Lighting, Decks, Etc.

Why Choose Ramati Inc?

We are true professionals of home and commercial services, and we have the numbers to back it up.

You Are More Than An Advance.

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23,000+ Projects

There is no project we haven't seen and can't provide services on. Same Ramati Reliability, Different Service!

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Over 35
Years of Experience.

Our certified professionals with over 35 years of experience have seen it all and are more than ready for any job type.

12,000+ Projects Completed.

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Five Star Reviews.

Our customers couldn't be happier with us. With over 100+ five star reviews, we aim to give you the best experience with us. 


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In Partnership With Finance Of America™

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At Ramati Inc, we understand that finding reliable and trustworthy contractors to complete your project can be a daunting task. It can be challenging to navigate the process of engaging different companies for each service required, which can cause delays, inconsistencies, and unnecessary stress.


That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services under one company, eliminating the need for our clients to engage multiple contractors for different aspects of their home or commercial building. Our team at Ramati Inc is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals, specialized in different departments for each service. We have dedicated teams for each service category we are committed to providing exceptional quality of service and attention to detail across all departments.


We believe that the Ramati trust is essential in all our client relationships. Our clients can count on us to provide the same high level of expertise, professionalism, and quality of service, regardless of which department they are working with. We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and efficiency, which allows us to deliver exceptional results on time and within budget. Our goal at Ramati Inc is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, reliability, and exceptional service. We work closely with our clients throughout every stage of their project, ensuring that their vision is brought to life with the highest quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Whether it's a small repair or a large-scale construction project, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience and results.


Our Simple Process

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The Initial Call.

At Ramati Inc., we believe that the initial call with our customers is crucial to building a successful partnership. We start by actively listening to our customer's needs, concerns, and expectations. We ask relevant questions and take detailed notes to ensure that we fully understand their project requirements. We then explain our process and services in detail, including any potential challenges and solutions we can provide. Finally, we set realistic timelines and budget expectations to ensure that both parties are on the same page from the beginning. Our goal is to establish clear communication and trust with our customers to deliver exceptional results.

The Planning.

At Ramati Inc., we place a great emphasis on the planning stage of each project. We work closely with our clients to define project goals and identify potential obstacles, ensuring that all aspects of the project are considered. Our team of experienced professionals conduct thorough site assessments, review any relevant permits or codes, and develop a detailed project plan that outlines timelines, milestones, and deliverables. We also provide our clients with regular progress updates throughout the planning stage, giving them the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the project plan. By investing time and resources in the planning stage, we set the foundation for a successful project execution that meets our clients' expectations.

Garage door repair in thousand oaks, California
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The Work

At Ramati Inc., we approach the work phase of each project with a strong commitment to quality and safety. Our team of skilled professionals work diligently to execute the project plan, while adhering to all relevant codes, regulations, and safety protocols. We maintain open communication with our clients throughout the work phase, providing regular progress updates and addressing any concerns or issues that may arise. We prioritize efficiency and accuracy in our work, while ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality finished product that meets our clients' expectations, while maintaining a safe and productive work environment for our team.


How does Ramati Inc. provide so many services?

We have a different specialized department for each service with their own crews, project managers, secretaries, locations, etc. Our clients can count on us to provide the same high level of Ramati expertise, professionalism, and quality of service, regardless of which department they are working with.


What distinguishes Ramati Inc as a home improvement contractor?

As a home improvement contractor, Ramati Inc is known for delivering high-quality workmanship, using the best materials, and providing exceptional customer service. The company's experienced team of professionals ensures that every project is completed on time, on budget, and to the client's satisfaction.


What services does Ramati Inc provide as a home improvement company?

As a home improvement company, Ramati Inc provides a broad range of services, click here to view all the services.

Does Ramati Inc offer free estimates as a home improvement contractor and company?

Yes, Ramati Inc provides free estimates for all of its services as a home improvement contractor and company. Clients can contact the company to schedule a consultation, during which a team member will evaluate the scope of the project and provide a detailed estimate.

Does Ramati Inc provide design services as a home improvement contractor and company?

Yes, as a home improvement contractor and company, Ramati Inc has an experienced team of design professionals who can assist clients with the design phase of their project. The company can provide 3D renderings, color samples, and other visual aids to help clients make informed decisions about their project.


Does Ramati Inc use eco-friendly materials as a home improvement contractor and company?

Yes, Ramati Inc is committed to using eco-friendly materials as a home improvement contractor and company whenever possible. The company works with suppliers who offer sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as low-VOC paints, energy-efficient windows, and recycled flooring.


How does Ramati Inc manage project timelines as a home improvement contractor and company?

As a home improvement contractor and company, Ramati Inc has a strict timeline management system in place to ensure that every project is completed on schedule. The company sets realistic deadlines and communicates with clients throughout the project to ensure that everything is on track.


Can Ramati Inc provide references from previous clients as a home improvement contractor and company?

Yes, Ramati Inc is happy to provide references from previous clients upon request as a home improvement contractor and company. The company has a long list of satisfied clients who can attest to the quality of its workmanship and customer service.


Does Ramati Inc offer financing options as a home improvement contractor and company?

Yes, Ramati Inc offers financing options for qualifying clients as a home improvement contractor and company. The company works with reputable lenders to provide competitive rates and flexible payment plans to help clients afford their home improvement projects.


Does Ramati Inc have a project manager assigned to each project as a home improvement contractor and company?

Yes, Ramati Inc assigns a project manager to most projects as a home improvement contractor and company to oversee the work and ensure that everything is on track. The project manager is the main point of contact for clients throughout the project.

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